• The name Tobruk is homage to the famous defense of Tobruk by Allied forces during WWII. Led by Sir Leslie J. Morshead and a stout core of Australian soldiers, revered as the 'Rats of Tobruk'. The unique attributes of those soldiers, namely their relentless committment to training and their willingness to man, no mans land.
    Test and test again is the essence of the Tobruk Security approach as a leading supplier of risk assessment and assurance services for all information security management aspects. We specialise in Australian Government (Fed, State, Local, GOCs) and private sector organisations that operate in a high cyber-threat environments and/or have a low tolerance for risk.
    Tobruk focuses on identifying the real threat from hackers, provide expert recommendations on how these threats are controlled and assessing (Assurance) that security controls are functioning effectively.

Our Mission

To be a leading supplier of cyber risk and assurance services to governments and organisations facing significant cyber-threats and who have mandated security compliance obligations.

Our Values

We are a credible and capable authority in cyber security. Delivering confidential, discrete and relevant reports and pragmatic advice to ensure clients system wide defense.

Your Results

Having worked with both government and large enterprise, our business view of risk and specialist infosec skill sets offers peace of mind with board level assurance.

Cyber Defense Specialists

Duncan Unwin /


20 years senior infoSec experience in Financial Services, eCommerce, Government, Critical Infrastructure and National Security sectors. Holds a high-level Aust Gov security clearance. Thought leader in Information Security. Lead Auditor ISO27001.

Valdemar Jakobsen /


20 years information security experience. Ex AusCERT and CERT Australia. B.Sc (CompSci). CISSP. Aust Gov Security clearance. Expert in security control design and infoSec implementation.

Nicholas Thiele /


Extensive business management and client engagement experience. Holds unique expertise in biometrics and its use across information security solutions, particularly within the payments industry, authorisation and identification.